Hybrid-electric tech training material

A knowledge resource for the automotive technical community
Hybrids are everywhere these days.  Are you ready to service them?  Your
best tool for these vehicles is solid TRAINING and getting the right
info to safely and effectively work on them.  There is a certain amount
of misinformation and rumor floating around, even within several emerging
commercial seminar and training efforts.  Get the straight story and become
COMPETENT and CONFIDENT on these cars.  They're here now, and customers are
learning that they have maintenance options besides relying completely on
dealership service.

This information is gathered from all over -- public-domain information,
patents, government labs, owner communities, and personal investigation and
experience.  You will see an understandable emphasis on the Toyota Prius,
but many of the principles described will apply to all hybrid vehicles and
even major aspects of electric cars and future developments.

None of this content, including pictures, text, or overall structure, may
be used as part of any third-party for-profit training offering, because it
is all right here for free.  You are, however, encouraged to direct students
toward it as part of a training curriculum.

Slide sets

Prius -- part 1: Introduction, safety

Prius -- part 2: Description

Prius -- part 3: Operation, extras

Motors 101: Elementary 3-phase brushless motors

Much more supporting Prius information is stored at my home site
and many other linked-to places. Months of reading matter available, zero cost!

Related resources
Autoshop 101 -- great tech site, lots of official Toyota training material
Insight Central -- In-depth info on the Honda Insight hybrid system
Meters -- Jack Rosebro / Fluke on measuring voltage ultra-safely

[Why this is here: my announcement of this into the iATN forums]
[Vehicle owners can print flyers, cut on the little lines, to give to local auto shops]

Please feel free to ask questions, suggest improvements, and help improve this
resource!   hobbit @ avian.org  [or at techno-fandom.org if email bounces].
I and my colleagues are also available for in-person seminars and hands-on
demos and training, so you can get up close and personal with this stuff.
If you wish to incorporate any material into a commercial effort, contact
me to discuss permission and limitations [or lack thereof].  No liability
whatsoever is assumed for unsafe or unprofessional practice in diagnosis,
repair, or modification -- you mess it up, you're on your own.
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