Geeky wallpaper

1024x768 jpegs, suitable for many screens although display pixel counts have increased quite a bit over that by now and someday I'll need to rethink this. For now, just stretch 'em and hope your renderer does a reasonable job.

Prius stuff
[*Note: Prius drivetrain cutaway pix are not originally mine -- snarfed out of various manuals and network sources, resized UP and fiddled a bit, so they ain't great but still considerably better than how they were found.]
  OAKT-wall.jpg -- Prius HSD-2 main motor rotor and windings, as instrumented up for thermal testing at ORNL
  Prius-Cutaway-1.jpg -- Prius engine/HSD drive [1st-gen], more or less showing planetary system
  Prius-Cutaway-2.jpg -- Prius engine/HSD drive [1st-gen], from side, also showing intake chambers
  Prius-Cutaway-3.jpg -- Detail of Prius motor/generators, 1st gen
  Prius-Cutaway-4.jpg -- Similar cutaway but of the second-generation [2004 - 2009] driveline
  tideland_mf.jpg -- At a brief stop on an early north-shore test run, the car quietly contemplates its paint-color namesake: "tideland pearl". My Priuschat avatar-pic comes from this

[Everything from here down is my own stuff]

Nature [bugs, flowers, foliage, rocks, etc]

A special "pink flowers" section, since there seem to be quite a few of these
  flower1024.jpg -- random [and very early] Florida shot, exploring DOF on a borrowed 'cam
  153pink.jpg -- random Florida shot
  117pink.jpg -- random Florida shot
  155pink.jpg -- random Florida shot
  909frtpinks.jpg -- Azaleas, my own yard
  427rhodo.jpg -- An explosion of rhododendron, Arlington MA
  pinktree.jpg -- Crabapple tree blooming, northeast MA
  magpetals.jpg -- Magnolias in front of Commandant's House, Charlestown Navy Yard, 0904xx [This condition only lasts for a day or so!]
  389rockice.jpg -- Icicles on a rock wall near hairpin turn on Rt. 2, North Adams MA

More flora
  00nrth_red.jpg -- Vivid fall color, town hall shrubbery
  stvblues.jpg -- Random low-growing flowers in a neighbor's yard
  312hpark.jpg -- Late fall leaves over water, Harold Parker state forest, MA

Themed / seasonal collections
  nefall06/ ... and ...
  nyfall08/ --   More wallpaper with a "New England fall" artsy type theme, enjoy
  jan08/ -- Local winter scenes, morning after a very "clingy" snowfall

  yj1024.jpg -- A nasty stinging thing up closer than one may really want.
I really don't like yellow jackets, thus it's a challenge to photograph them
  beeland.jpg -- A less nasty but still stinging thing minding its own, um, beeswax
  blackbee.jpg -- Another exercise in pollination

  289bluemuss.jpg -- Mussel shells, Ipswich MA
  291ipsprock.jpg -- Mini-scene, Ipswich
  416shells.jpg -- Random shells, Dennisport, Cape Cod

Misc outdoor
  83mpsunset.jpg -- An exceptionally colorful sunset, snagged totally at random near home
  76walltri.jpg -- Rock wall, Halibut Point quarry, Rockport MA
  64golden.jpg -- Golden glow through fall woods, The Fells, Stoneham MA

  jrock.jpg -- Interestingly formed rock at the end of a jetty, Venice FL
  rbloops.jpg -- What is it? You decide. [Hint: "holidays"]
  41gnarl.jpg -- Tree trunk segment, Myakka State Park, FL
  779hk-moss.jpg -- Brilliant green moss in a Black Hills canyon, SD
  368nhrockf.jpg -- Weatherbeaten rock face, Nahant MA
  128bluewall.jpg -- Side wall of a service station, upstate NY someplace
  937tritile.jpg -- 3-way interlocking pavers, boat ramp, Starved Rock Park, IL
  943cornwall.jpg -- Wall of corn along country road, somewhere in flyover country
  109tourm.jpg -- Section of huge tricolor elbaite tourmaline, Harvard Museum of Natural History collection

  volts1024.jpg -- Lemme feel the power: power distro, Gulf-coast style
  ledsplat.jpg -- "neutral white" 3 watt LED spectrum as seen by a digicam thru diff grating
  pic1.jpg -- the innards of some random PIC microcontroller
  110firep.jpg -- Dying embers glow, a friend's fireplace
  285rockwall.jpg -- Miniature wall built by a guest lecturer on the subject of New England rock wall construction
  29cabbage.jpg -- Cut red cabbage, vaguely fractal-ish
  685peack.jpg -- Wild peacock doing his "guy thing", Longboat Key, FL
  51hlfcd.jpg -- A powerful statement about the true importance of human-produced data

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