Zoom notes...

I've been back and forth with Zoom a little about the "login conflict" problem, and I think I've finally beaten the rationale out of them.  There is actually a secret "feature" that, if account admins can justify a need, Zoom will turn on and let multiple devices be logged in at once.  Their rep's text:

	To make sure that we are on the same page, the term "Multiple Resources"
	pertains to multiple devices of the same kind where you can log in to
	your Zoom account.  It is not made readily available for various
	reasons.  Primarily, many companies that use Zoom would like to
	ensure that their users' accounts are not easily accessed elsewhere.
	The system automatically logs the account out the moment the user
	signs into another device.  That is the default as having been signed
	in to another device does not allow some other features to work such
	as answering poll questions during a webinar or meeting on both
	devices since the response would be coming from the same account.
	This can also act as something that could alarm you when someone
	else signs into another device using your account.

	Zoom tries to put the best security.  I highly encourage that you
	raise this to your Zoom account owner or admin as they are the ones
	who are authorized for requesting such an option to be enabled on the
	account.  They can decide for the whole account's best interest if it
	would be beneficial and there would be no risk for everyone in having
	this enabled.
So we don't have this setting, and don't really need it.  We just need to coordinate and not stomp each other.

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