The Elms

Some shots of the inside

Click any picture for its somewhat larger (640 x 480) version.

The front door of Elms is a fairly ponderous ironwork affair

Around the lobby/entry area

Trim and tapestries -- lots of veined marble

The conservatory

View out the back window onto the expansive lawn, with
the gardens and weeping beech at the far side.

Sitting room (?)

Ballroom, straight ahead from the main front door entrance and front hall area.
Because really, it was all about the parties.

Dining room

Breakfast room, with Oriental lacquer panels

Woodwork detail around lacquer

The scaffold here is for a purpose: they've got one of the lacquer panels taken completely off the wall for restoration. There's a podcast available at the NM site describing some of the issues involved in successfully doing this. With all the panels obviously warping and cracking over time, restoration workers have to do the same to all of them.

More random shots around the tour path.
Yes, the artwork around the property in general includes plenty of boobs.

Up the grand staircase to the second floor...

Various bedrooms

Elevated style WC tank of the period

Linen closet

Into the servants' areas: all tiled in white, to help incoming light bounce around better and illuminate the spaces without needing a whole lot of additional electric lighting.

Butler's pantry: china cabinets and an opening to the floor below. Even the ceiling is white tile, but it's still pretty dim here. The better china was often locked up, and careful day-to-day inventories were kept of the items stored here.

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