Haunted Playground 2009

Martins Pond Association

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Quick-n-dirty lighting rig for truck load at storage, run from the car

Redneck event lighting, see this for the backstory

Generator with usual tangle of wires, and a little noise-baffling hutch constructed around it later

Misc other prep: windbreak on the pavilion; games tent ready...

Graveyard setup in daylight

Good witch vs. bad witch cage match??

Early arrivals as dusk falls


Pie-rats of the Caribbean

Zombie dance school

Ghoulia Child creates a monster: chocolate moose!

Pumpkin patch

Various long-range scenes around the event. This time there was enough light to actually capture detail

As a tour group approached, graveyard performers scrambled back into position to scare the incoming victims

The cotton-candy machine ran all night, as did everything else ...
with NO power issues this time around

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