Abode visit, 24-May-2007

Each pic is a link to the large one

Main group of buildings. Octagonal one is the kitchen.

Kitchen is large and well-outfit. Other folks have more/better pictures.

A TEN burner Vulcan stove!

Carl [our guide] says the tarps on the roof are temporary...

Scullery, aka dishwashing area. The squirt-hose has already been named the "spoo-be-gone".

Larger gathering room in main group, called "living room". Gravel floor, a few old carpets down on it.

Hot and cold showers! They drain right through the floor into a gravel bed underneath.

Back of shower building; water heaters.

Out a ways farther, the Big Party Tent. Floor is large raised wooden platform.

The tent has no center poles; they've been replaced with an aerial rig to hold up the two top points.

One of several small meditation/retreat huts.

In addition to main bathrooms, outhouses are scattered around the area.

Main lodging cabins. Four per side of the building, two or three beds in each one. There are 20 cabin rooms total, if I remember right.

Farther out toward the northwest, the "sacrificial altar" aka the foundation of temple type building, whose superstructure recently burned.

Inside the temple remains.

There's a small meditation labyrinth laid out around the tree.

Another hut, perched on the edge of the cliff. If nothing else says "retreat", this does.

One of two generators that are promised to be on-site. 30A 120/240V split phase output, from what I can determine.

Another random view near entrance roadway area.

One of several paths through the woods; minimal but effective clearing. Believe it or not, NONE of that is poison ivy -- we never saw any at all the whole time we were wandering around.

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