Diversion: Color-blindness compatibility

Colorblind compatibility discussion I hadn't realized that this was an overall design thing until it was mentioned, but immediately knew I wasn't qualified to apply the right changes and simply waited for the right people to come along and make the call.  In the meantime I had learned another interesting thing about Discord, that the "default" role color was really no-alpha transparency -- a special case applied when the hex value is #000000.  To get something that looks black, you have to use some nonzero value like #000001.  But as much as Conchairs and/or Tech might have wanted their traditional black labels, that certainly wasn't going to work here.  And neither would the mix I had so far, even though I'd made some really nice bright custom colors for important roles.

Dyno actually colors embeds on role-color changes So armed with a list of what the filter examples had shown, Raven pounded around in the role stack for a while until she figured it was sufficiently compatible.  What's hilarious is that as Dynobot's activity monitor tracks changes to roles, it actually makes the border strip of the "embed" block the same color as was selected for the role.  Since the call for injecting a message of that form has an argument for the strip color anyway, I guess that to the person who wrote that part of the bot, it was an obvious and fun tweak to copy the new role color right into the strip color.

raven is done, wrapup I pointed this out to Raven and offered reassurance that generating a bit of logging wasn't any sort of problem, especially when its presentation was so festive.

it looks a lot bleaker now, but that's what they want The reworked role stack possibly looked a little more ... bleak, perhaps, but not in any bad way and the basics of what we'd started with were sort of still there.  None of the "transparent" roles had to change, of course, as whatever was under them would take precedence.

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