Diversion: online site API demos/considerations

Gail demo: code dev environment Gail started off showing the OAUTH setup as shown in the main storyline, and then went into a few code details.  Most of this is from Gail's screenshare within our Discord voice-chat, so the detail isn't so great.  Here we appear to be looking at this code in an interactive development environment, seeing [my best guess] a fragment for various crypto operations around signing and authenticating request/response traffic. 

Gail demo: part of link badgeid to discord-id Now we see some of the elements needed to tie this all together.  The obvious DISCORD_whatever variables show in blue, which let us find the right server endpoint.  The general idea of passing "strings of gobbledygook", as noted here, is still present -- utilizing various known items like Arisia badge number, Discord ID, and/or tokens generated from the backend.  Something, *anything*, that could be used to link All The Things.

Gail demo: run trials, oops She already had the bot code hooked into the server and obviously present in the user list, but said that various nasty subtleties of the "slash" UI were throwing the whole thing off and/or potentially making the task way too complex for most of our users to work through reliably.  As Gail said at another point during the convention run-up, "users don't want gobbledygook".  I guess that's mostly right, but I suppose they can tolerate some of it if it's just a small opaque blob they can copy/paste into something else.  That was the fundamental idea that both of us were chasing down, sort of from different directions. 

  What's fascinating about this to me is that I realized I was looking at the next layer down from the third-party bots that I was working with.  *Those* would also be running code similar to this, and putting the veneer of control-panel configurability on top to make it easier for folks who don't live and breathe at this level.  We can't really call this "bare metal" since there are still a lot more layers down before we make actual bits fly, but this was clearly a lot more "nekkid" than what I was fooling with.

discord-side /link test Gail's bot was supposed to pick up data from *relatively* simple commands on the Discord side, but something was still wrong with the process.  It almost looked like tests were succeeding here, too.

As it ultimately panned out in the end, she gave up on getting this to work from the Discord end and did the link-up on the convention site instead.

discussing the big let-in pre The remote crew really was racing to try and get this into place, and at the same time the general staff wanted to just get on Discord somehow.  We discussed how to go about running people through the integration once it was ready, and where to compromise on being too heavy-handed with it.  Evidently a lot of the decision points were above either of our pay grades.  No gold star for me, I had no idea.

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