A bit of bellydance

  Here are some shots from the first half of Geeky Bellydance '17, and certainly not even all the participants.  I swapped into an active video-camera role halfway through the show.  Syd will eventually have the entire show on DVD; this just gives a small taste of the event.

Bellydance Medusa, and presumably a victim

How *not* to match costume and backdrop colors When a dancer says "Oh, I have a red costume, I want a red backdrop", please sanity-check them on it.  Here's why.

Bellydance, very cool wings Bellydance, wings in full light
This one was beautiful, and precisely executed -- named "Nixies", with fluttery LED-sprinkled Isis wings.

Bellydance Something with a Western theme and heroes

Bellydance More traditional sword work, but without the head-balance

Bellydance Bellydance
I thought this would be another sword piece, but it turned out to be based on some sort of video-game character.
And at this point I swapped onto the crawl-cam.

No, I have *not* done this event proper justice at all, only given a little bit of the flavor.  The video will be far more interesting.  The show seemed to be less about belly dance per se and more about the chosen themes; a little different from previous years.

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