Dance tent report

sent in by Jim / DJPet

So the reason that the L-16's were originally so far in was that if they were any father out we would effectively kill the drum circle. Load on the truss was minimal, I could have went with 8" and still been in spec for loading. After moving the L-16s out we lost a lot of the floor space for it and forced them back into the far corner were all of my Edison runs went through due to the missing feeder cables. Having that much dance floor really limited us since we couldn't put anything on it. Next time we should drop two whole rows of it. I felt bad short changing the circle as I used to run it years ago.

Pics of the space are limited to the various performances on Friday night and can be seen here:

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Most of the recent pics are from the dance space stage. Since the room was in constant motion video would have been a better way to capture it. The focus point of the room was a flown truss diamond with a rear projection surface stretched over it. It slightly tilted forward and was actually in front of the stage slightly. We used it for announcing the events as well as adding to the video wall we rigged up with the three 3500 lumen projectors. The 8bit dance on Sunday also used it for projecting the 4K demos on it when the 8bit music was playing. No video was done on Sat night due to bad planning and illness.


Lighting was controlled from DMXControl via a FTDI based USB to RS485 (ish) transceiver; every fixture was on the DMX network and connected via my 8 channel DMX opto splitter. During the ORDNANCE! set I additionally controlled the lighting with my MIDI drums using DMXControl's MIDI to DMX gateway feature. The other digital drummer ran directly to a MIDI relay pack running par cans mounted in the drum kit. The two laser fixtures that covered every surface of the room were Chauvet Scorpion Storm FXs . In addition to the 2 lasers I had 4x 100watt moving head wash lights on the floor in the corners and 4x 50W moving head wash lights on the truss to light up the stage. I had 5 American DJ UV50 UV wash bars on the stage to add some pop. Also there were 9x Color Kinetic 12" color blast lights adding accent lighting around the room. There were 3x 575W Elation optizoom fixtures for stage wash and 8x Altman ellipsoidal fixtures from Arisia's stock for gobo projection on the walls and ceiling. I ran Friday and Sat with all of the lights and dropped everything but the LEDs for Sunday's Visual Kai and 8bit dances to make them more un-natural.

Sound was more of a mismash. Subs were a crossfire melded horizontal array in front of the stage with 4 stage monitors on top of them to save stage space. They were run via aux-fed sub technique with a 24db/octave band pass filter 40 hz to 80hz. They basically were the electronic kick drum. I ran them in two sets with two in series into two of the channels on my 1200W 4 channel class D monitor amp. The 4 monitors were run as two groups of two parallel speakers on the other two channels. Mains were a set of Yamaha S115V speakers driven by a QSC RMX2450. To reproduce all of the high end of a lot of the performances I tossed in my ancient CV folded horn mids and matching 15" cabs. Both cabs had a large compression tweeter as well. All 4 cabs were driven from my QSC GX5. Yes the mids were rotated 90 degrees but that allowed me to ratchet strap them to the mid/lows for safety and there wasn't much in the way of treble lobing since I had so many other treble horns distributed around them. There was another set of 15" speakers that I brought but realized at sound check that one had a blown woofer so they were there for show only. The rear fill speakers in the far corners of the room were a pair of Behringer B215As . Since I was imaging to the center of the floor anyway I didn't use my Rane AD-22 to move it forward.

The main mixer was an Allen and Heath GL2400 24 channel. It was nice to have the extra room to leave extra DI's on for each performer as well as spares. In general change over for the acts went well with the exception of Sat night. Video for Johnny's dance was not planned well and his audio hardware was messed up when he got there. He rebuilt his laptop right before (loaded new drivers) and didn't check that the default settings were right (they were not) It would have been fine if he started early but he waited until the last minute to hit play and it didn't work. I'm glad I had so many extra DIs as his rig had a ton of grounding problems and I had to isolate him to get rid of all of his power supply noise.

All in all the tech in the dance tent went well. It took me three runs to get everything there in my van, in the future we should plan a single truck run to my storage box to save on travel as my van was hit between two of the runs.