Westin tour 0: February 2010

A fairly quick run through the ballroom spaces.
This is to supplement Val's Picasa set.
Small pix link to large ones.

Ballroom ceilings. Lots of deep architectural features and bulky house-lighting stuff. The blue arrows point to some of the pull-down hang points, which inexplicably are placed way UP in the recesses instead of on the lower-down portions. They're rated for 1000 lb apiece.

Power panel at the back of section A. 200 amp Camlok feed, and three 50-A circuits to the "stove plug" outlets. In short: plenty.

Same idea for sections B and E, except inside a closet with a mouse-hole leading out into the room. The camlok outputs here are around the right side of the panel low down; the lower cover plate seems to be missing.

Said stove-type outlet, type NEMA 18-50R [on the left]. Supposedly for three phases and ground; unclear how they're deriving a proper Neutral from this.

These are what plug into the 50A outlets: a fairly versatile PDU. The hotel seems to have many of these, but apparently at a very high cost per.

House-lights dimmer closets, in the service hallway.

House-lights panels, audio control, and various interconnects. Val's got better shots of these. The little outlet to the right of the 4-preset house-lights control is likely how control can be remoted -- wired, not wireless, but we're not sure yet.

House-lights section ganging panel, inside a lockable clear cover to keep people from messing with it. Similar on/off toggle across airwall boundaries as at the Hyatt; pretty simple. If it's like any of the others we've seen, presets must still be programmed per room and thus must be manually made alike for a given preset to yield a uniform look across all sections.

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