True or False
Examine this file more closely for the answers and explanation

T  F   Seatbelts prevent accidents

T  F   Airbags are dangerous

T  F   Non-ABS braking technique is dangerous in an ABS vehicle

T  F   ABS braking technique is dangerous in a non-ABS vehicle

T  F   The major advantage of ABS is shorter stopping distances

T  F   Turning quickly will always cause a loss of control

T  F   Small changes in speed greatly affect control

T  F   5 car lengths is a safe following distance for 50 MPH

T  F   Backing up slowly is the best way to avoid a backing-up accident

T  F   Braking before you steer is safe in emergency situations

T  F   4 wheel drive vehicles are safer in snow and rain

T  F   SUVs are safer than cars

T  F   Talking on the phone (including hands-free devices) while
      driving is the most dangerous distraction

T  F   Drunk driving is the cause of most serious accidents among new drivers

T  F   Drivers with the fastest reaction times have the fewest crashes